About the Company:

U-SHRINK specialises in installations throughout New Zealand.  We are also wholesale providers of shrink-wrapping film and hardware to building, marine and industrial clients throughout New Zealand.

We are the sole New Zealand importer of shrink-wrap product from one of the worlds most respected shrink-wrapping manufacturers.  All our shrink-wrap film comes with the highest industry ratings for UV resistance, tear resistance and resistance to impact damage. All materials used have complete waterproof and UV resistant guarantees and we offer the full variety of product for different industrial applications.

We are very committed to bringing innovation and the very highest levels of customer service to each project.  We are well known for our fresh thoughts and creative solutions to complex jobs. All U-SHRINK’s service providers are managed by New Zealand qualified builders with extensive knowledge and experience in project management in a vast array of areas.

U-SHRINK workers have acquired unit standards to ensure that safety standards are maintained at all times. U-SHRINK has also implemented safe work practices for working at heights. These include a high angle rescue plan, allowing us to get personable down from heights as safely as possible in a timely manner.

A desire to have customer expectations exceeded in every respect is at the forefront of everything we do.  We want to be recognised in New Zealand as the absolute benchmark in shrink wrapping solutions. 
At the end of each project, we want your feedback on all aspects of the project to support our drive on continuous improvement.



The team at U-SHRINK is absolutely committed to environmental management and sustainability. We are very respectful of New Zealand's clean green image and in our small way, we are doing what we can to enhance this reputation; not damage it.

We recycle what we can in our administration systems and all our shrink-wrapping film is 100% recyclable.


What is Shrink-Wrapping?

Shrink wrap is a polyethylene plastic film that when treated correctly, is UV resistant and extremely durable and weather resistant.

When heat from an LPG heat tool is applied to the surface, it contracts the surface area of the film by 25%.

When shrink wrap film is wrapped around an object like scaffolding or industrial equipment and heat is applied, the film shrinks and molds itself around the contours of the object being covered. This forms a particularly robust, durable, weather resistant and water tight cocoon.


Wholesale Supply and Distribution

If you want to do your own shrink-wrapping, U-SHRINK holds the largest inventory in New Zealand and can supply all the premium shrink wrap material and accessories you require. We can also provide all the training necessary to ensure you can do it with confidence and with safety in mind.

All products and accessories are available immediately including shrink wrap film in various thickness and widths. Other products include heat tools, zipper access doors and tapes.

Our nationwide distribution service can have all our products and accessories anywhere within 24hrs. Conditions apply.
Our products are perfectly suited for wrapping in anything in the construction, marine, agriculture, industrial, defense, transport and events sectors.